Saturday, 28 February 2015

Aching all over

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So for some reason this week has been a sort of tidying week. So on Wednesday I was tidying out my bedroom drawers. I'll put the link to that post here.
Today, because we were adding a filing cabinet to the playroom, we had to do a huge clear out in order to make space. I didn't realise how much stuff there was to sort out! It started with me only having to break up a Lego model my sister and her boyfriend made and ended up with me, mummy and daddy taking hours and hours to test, get rid of and organise everything else! I'm officially aching all over and I need to sleep! Zzzz. Anyway, remember that our little tidying up club is still open and waiting for a few names. It's currently 'Bedtime Bloggers' 'cos all we wanna do is sleep after that! Anyway, because I'm so tired I'm going to end it here. I'm really sorry that it's shorter than usual but I'm yawning every 2 seconds and -starts to close eyes but quickly opens them- MUST NOT SLEEP! Anyway, before I pass out I'm going to say bye! So bye!! xx
Miss Internet going off the Internet

P.S Do you have those days were you literally -accidently spells it wrong so corrects it- can't spell anything? I'm having one of them NOW! Anyway bye... SLEEP!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Great friends are...

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! I'm not entirely sure why I chose to do this post but all I can tell you is it's slightly different... I think. Basically, I needed to lift this off my chest because I've been carrying this heavy weight for too long now and it's like if don't do it now then I won't ever do it.

So I had three friends, let's call them Always Singing girl, Dancer girl and Blue-Eyed girl, and I'd been playing with them for a crazy long time. The story is in Year 3 I was best friends with Dancer girl and when we started Year 4, she decided to become friends with Always Singing girl and Blue-Eyed girl. Obviously I didn't want to lose my best friend so I started playing with them too and we soon all became the best of friends. Year 5 came along and we were all still glued together. Then, suddenly, they started stop wanting to go with me in groups. I thought it was just because they were ever so slightly closer with Dancer girl than they were with me. But I thought we were still pretty damn close. Then, they started going with, um let's call this person Football girl, and I realised that we weren't as close. This soon slowly started in every lesson. Then at break times, they left me out of pretty much anything. They called each other Triplets and made a handshake which they repeatedly did in front of me everyday. They made me doubt myself. Soon, they shoved me aside for Football girl and ditched me for an upcoming, um, thing. This hurt. This hurt as much as every single one of your limbs bleeding. I had to run off and find new friends. I did that and found some. But my best friend, Beanbag, decided that she wasn't happy with her other best friend, let's call her Bossy girl (sorry Bossy girl). So she let her down gently and very kindly and Bossy girl got livid with her. Bossy girl started blaming me and trying to persuade Beanbag to ditch me pretty much like the others did. (Is it me or do you see a pattern, why does everyone want to ditch me?!) We became a pair for a very long time. Then one of our not-as-close-beforehand friend asked if she could be in our group for the big thing. We said yes instantly. I'm going to call her Fun girl. Fun girl is so extremely kind and thoughtful and we decided we'd try and go in a threesome rather than foursome in the big thing and our teachers said 'maybe'! NOT A NO - YAY! We started hanging around with each other -still are- and we all agree we feel a lot more happy.

The purpose of this post is be careful with friends. I thought I had true friends, turns out I was wrong. Make sure you're happy with your friends. You may love a big group, a small group, or maybe you like to hang around on you own - nothing wrong with that, I did that! You should be happy with your friends. You should feel like you belong with your friends. It is okay to make new friends. Be surrounded by people who make you happy. Find your special people/person. Just because you thought someone was your best friend, doesn't mean they will be forever. Sad, very sad, but it happens! :(

Great friends are
Hard to find
Difficult to leave
Impossible to forget

Miss Internet going off the Internet

Make sure you're happy.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Not the greatest day...

Hey guys it's Miss Internet. You know those days where they just really suck? It's been one of those days unfortunately. I hate those days with every fibre of my being. But then again you can't cherry pick which days are good and which days are bad. So anyway, I'm not sure if I should go into the details of why today was so sucky, but I will try and give you some advice. I cannot guarantee it will work as it hasn't been scientifically proven... obviously. But it might just be good enough to work, I hope.

Listen to your favourite song/s or watch your favourite T.V show. It can really help you feel a bit more calm and happy.

Have someone give you a hug. Sounds cheesy but it can really help to have someone give you a bit of TLC and it's nice to have someone comfort you on a bad day.

Tell someone about it. Lots of you may want to keep it locked away but getting it off your chest can often help. You don't need to tell everyone or a stranger but someone you can trust will be good.

Have a breath of fresh air. Sometimes just going outside and taking a few deep breaths of the air will help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Get comfy. Get into your pyjamas and get comfy. Cuddle up with that secret favourite toy of yours and watch a good movie/T.V show.

Now it's not the greatest advice anyone could give you but I really hope it will help and it's better than nothing, right?

I suppose this post was kinda a rant, so I apologise for that! I hope you're enjoying my blog so far. Feel free to leave in the comments what posts you'd like to see from me.
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Hey guys it's Miss Internet! You know those drawers that just sit in your bedroom, really untidy and filled with clutter and then the evening comes when you have to sort it out? Well, it's been one of those evenings. I didn't have just one drawer, I had two!! And believe me when I say they were messier than, well, picture something really messy and 10x more messy to it. I filled a whole bin bag full of junk and the bin bag could've fit probably me and, hmmm, 2 of you who are reading this. Maybe three of you but the third would have to be quite skinny. Tidying up can be so boring so to make it a little more exciting - even thought personally I could never really find cleaning exciting - I rocked out to some of my favourite songs and watched my favourite YouTube channels and T.V programme. Most of my songs I am currently using via YouTube but I will soon download them to my iPod - YAY! If you want a link to a few of my songs I will link a few at the end of the blog post! So anyway, I'm very droopy and tired so I'm going to go and get snuggled up in bed and watch my fave T.V show! If you had to do this in the past week or two, comment down below saying 'Tired' (be honest! Don't just say you are tired if you haven't done cleaning in the past week!!) and we can form a little club. How about 'Bedtime Bloggers?' Feel free to leave your suggestions! I hope you're enjoying my blog so far!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Boom Clap - Charlie XCX

Maps - Maroon 5

Stay with me - Sam Smith

All about that bass - Meghan Trainor

Somebody to you - The Vamps

Changing - Sigma ft. Paloma Faith

Bye xxx

Monday, 23 February 2015

I would like to thank...

Hello everyone it's Miss Internet! First of all, I really need to say a huge thank you to Splash of Kate -I really love her blog it's amazing- for nominating me! You can check out her fantastically fabulous blog right here But anyway this is such an exciting thing to have happened to me as just after one post I've been nominated and I never thought anyone would like my blog! I think the Leibster Blog Award is a brilliant way to discover little blogs that are just waiting to get views and comments... like myself!!

I nominate

Neon Girl (Epic)

Fabulous things 2 try (Amazing)

Little teen's blog (Love your blog)

A Splash of Kate (do you mind doing it again? I just couldn't leave it out!!)


1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you
4. Nominate 4 - 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and who have less than 200 followers
5. Create a list of questions for the blogger to answer
6. List these rules in your post and inform the people/ blogs that that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link to your post so they can learn all about it.

Favourite colour? I love lots of different shades of blue!
Favourite hairstyle? Ooh, so many! As I have short hair, I can't really do this hairstyle myself but I LOVE the halo braid or maybe milkmaid braid.
Pizza or Nutella? OMG SO HARD! I LOVE Nutella but I do like pizza. Am I allowed to say both?
Favourite drink? Mmmmmm, hot chocolate!
Introvert or Extrovert? I am in the middle. I do have a friend and I don't keep myself away but I don't go out everyday or socialize LOADS. So yeah, I'm in the middle YAY!
What do you want to do as a career? I'm currently wanting to do two. I want to be a doctor so maybe a GP or Paediatrician. I LOVE to write so I cannot miss out author or possibly journalist but it's more likely I'll be an author than journalist!
Cars or planes? Definitely cars. I've never been on a plane but I hear so many stories that I'm actually a bit scared of them. I'm sure once I've been on one I won't be scared! :)
Do you play/do any sports? No. Although I used to do swimming back in year 2 but I completed level 6 and quit and I love playing football in my garden.
Favourite book? Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. AMAZING!
Would you rather die a hero but young and painfully or old and boring and peacefully? Despite the fact I'd die knowing I'd saved someone's life or something, it sounds quite selfish but, I don't want to die young. I want to die with a good long life along side the people I love.
What is your biggest achievement? Hmmmm, maybe this? I dunno!!

Now for your questions!
1. Hot or cold?
2. Favourite film?
3. Favourite food?
4. Favourite type of weather?
5. Favourite song?
6. Favourite instrument that you play/want to play?
7. Favourite smell?
8. Internet or T.V?
9. Favourite T.V show?
10. Least favourite drink?
11. Would you rather find true love or be really successful and get loads of money?

Thank you so much again, Kate. Love you all lots! Have a great day!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Erm, is anybody there?

You know when you have a cup and you fill it up with a drink of your choice but you fill it so much it overflows with that drink? That's how I feel! Except this time, it's overflowing with things I want to say. I did start a diary to just sort of decrease that feeling a bit and I still have that diary but I still feel like I'm overflowing! So, I have started this blog.

I want to feel like someone, somewhere, will be able to read what I'm saying.

So I decided to give this blog a go.

But it will be anonymous. It's just nice to have somewhere to sit and write all by yourself and have people read what you've written without being able to judge you as a person if they know you or even if they don't know you.

My best friend, let's call her Beanbag (I'm not sure why I chose Beanbag, it's for no specific reason), she's my only friend really but I don't believe that you need loads of friends in order to be happy.

I'm lucky. I don't have anxiety or suffer with panic attacks, but there's times where I feel anxious or worried over nothing. That's normal, right? I also have a very kind and understanding family who would help me through anything.

This can be our very own place on the Internet. We can all be little Mr's and Misses Internets together.

I also really enjoy taking photos (I just love how they can freeze those memories forever! Family holidays, special occasions, chocolate cupcakes with thick chocolate frosting) so they will definitely not be going spare on this blog. Obviously there will be no selfies as that wouldn't make it anonymous anymore. 

So, I suppose that's all for now. Thank you so much for reading (if anyone did actually read it) and please let me know what you want to see from me and what you think in the comments below.

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx