Saturday, 28 February 2015

Aching all over

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So for some reason this week has been a sort of tidying week. So on Wednesday I was tidying out my bedroom drawers. I'll put the link to that post here.
Today, because we were adding a filing cabinet to the playroom, we had to do a huge clear out in order to make space. I didn't realise how much stuff there was to sort out! It started with me only having to break up a Lego model my sister and her boyfriend made and ended up with me, mummy and daddy taking hours and hours to test, get rid of and organise everything else! I'm officially aching all over and I need to sleep! Zzzz. Anyway, remember that our little tidying up club is still open and waiting for a few names. It's currently 'Bedtime Bloggers' 'cos all we wanna do is sleep after that! Anyway, because I'm so tired I'm going to end it here. I'm really sorry that it's shorter than usual but I'm yawning every 2 seconds and -starts to close eyes but quickly opens them- MUST NOT SLEEP! Anyway, before I pass out I'm going to say bye! So bye!! xx
Miss Internet going off the Internet

P.S Do you have those days were you literally -accidently spells it wrong so corrects it- can't spell anything? I'm having one of them NOW! Anyway bye... SLEEP!


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