Sunday, 22 February 2015

Erm, is anybody there?

You know when you have a cup and you fill it up with a drink of your choice but you fill it so much it overflows with that drink? That's how I feel! Except this time, it's overflowing with things I want to say. I did start a diary to just sort of decrease that feeling a bit and I still have that diary but I still feel like I'm overflowing! So, I have started this blog.

I want to feel like someone, somewhere, will be able to read what I'm saying.

So I decided to give this blog a go.

But it will be anonymous. It's just nice to have somewhere to sit and write all by yourself and have people read what you've written without being able to judge you as a person if they know you or even if they don't know you.

My best friend, let's call her Beanbag (I'm not sure why I chose Beanbag, it's for no specific reason), she's my only friend really but I don't believe that you need loads of friends in order to be happy.

I'm lucky. I don't have anxiety or suffer with panic attacks, but there's times where I feel anxious or worried over nothing. That's normal, right? I also have a very kind and understanding family who would help me through anything.

This can be our very own place on the Internet. We can all be little Mr's and Misses Internets together.

I also really enjoy taking photos (I just love how they can freeze those memories forever! Family holidays, special occasions, chocolate cupcakes with thick chocolate frosting) so they will definitely not be going spare on this blog. Obviously there will be no selfies as that wouldn't make it anonymous anymore. 

So, I suppose that's all for now. Thank you so much for reading (if anyone did actually read it) and please let me know what you want to see from me and what you think in the comments below.

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. Hi! Super excited to see more posts! PS- you should put your blog on bloglovin!
    xxx kate

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog! I will definitely put it on bloglovin


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