Friday, 27 February 2015

Great friends are...

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! I'm not entirely sure why I chose to do this post but all I can tell you is it's slightly different... I think. Basically, I needed to lift this off my chest because I've been carrying this heavy weight for too long now and it's like if don't do it now then I won't ever do it.

So I had three friends, let's call them Always Singing girl, Dancer girl and Blue-Eyed girl, and I'd been playing with them for a crazy long time. The story is in Year 3 I was best friends with Dancer girl and when we started Year 4, she decided to become friends with Always Singing girl and Blue-Eyed girl. Obviously I didn't want to lose my best friend so I started playing with them too and we soon all became the best of friends. Year 5 came along and we were all still glued together. Then, suddenly, they started stop wanting to go with me in groups. I thought it was just because they were ever so slightly closer with Dancer girl than they were with me. But I thought we were still pretty damn close. Then, they started going with, um let's call this person Football girl, and I realised that we weren't as close. This soon slowly started in every lesson. Then at break times, they left me out of pretty much anything. They called each other Triplets and made a handshake which they repeatedly did in front of me everyday. They made me doubt myself. Soon, they shoved me aside for Football girl and ditched me for an upcoming, um, thing. This hurt. This hurt as much as every single one of your limbs bleeding. I had to run off and find new friends. I did that and found some. But my best friend, Beanbag, decided that she wasn't happy with her other best friend, let's call her Bossy girl (sorry Bossy girl). So she let her down gently and very kindly and Bossy girl got livid with her. Bossy girl started blaming me and trying to persuade Beanbag to ditch me pretty much like the others did. (Is it me or do you see a pattern, why does everyone want to ditch me?!) We became a pair for a very long time. Then one of our not-as-close-beforehand friend asked if she could be in our group for the big thing. We said yes instantly. I'm going to call her Fun girl. Fun girl is so extremely kind and thoughtful and we decided we'd try and go in a threesome rather than foursome in the big thing and our teachers said 'maybe'! NOT A NO - YAY! We started hanging around with each other -still are- and we all agree we feel a lot more happy.

The purpose of this post is be careful with friends. I thought I had true friends, turns out I was wrong. Make sure you're happy with your friends. You may love a big group, a small group, or maybe you like to hang around on you own - nothing wrong with that, I did that! You should be happy with your friends. You should feel like you belong with your friends. It is okay to make new friends. Be surrounded by people who make you happy. Find your special people/person. Just because you thought someone was your best friend, doesn't mean they will be forever. Sad, very sad, but it happens! :(

Great friends are
Hard to find
Difficult to leave
Impossible to forget

Miss Internet going off the Internet

Make sure you're happy.


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