Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Hey guys it's Miss Internet! You know those drawers that just sit in your bedroom, really untidy and filled with clutter and then the evening comes when you have to sort it out? Well, it's been one of those evenings. I didn't have just one drawer, I had two!! And believe me when I say they were messier than, well, picture something really messy and 10x more messy to it. I filled a whole bin bag full of junk and the bin bag could've fit probably me and, hmmm, 2 of you who are reading this. Maybe three of you but the third would have to be quite skinny. Tidying up can be so boring so to make it a little more exciting - even thought personally I could never really find cleaning exciting - I rocked out to some of my favourite songs and watched my favourite YouTube channels and T.V programme. Most of my songs I am currently using via YouTube but I will soon download them to my iPod - YAY! If you want a link to a few of my songs I will link a few at the end of the blog post! So anyway, I'm very droopy and tired so I'm going to go and get snuggled up in bed and watch my fave T.V show! If you had to do this in the past week or two, comment down below saying 'Tired' (be honest! Don't just say you are tired if you haven't done cleaning in the past week!!) and we can form a little club. How about 'Bedtime Bloggers?' Feel free to leave your suggestions! I hope you're enjoying my blog so far!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Boom Clap - Charlie XCX

Maps - Maroon 5

Stay with me - Sam Smith

All about that bass - Meghan Trainor

Somebody to you - The Vamps

Changing - Sigma ft. Paloma Faith

Bye xxx


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