Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blizzard | Part one

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! I'm back with another writing post - YAY! So this time it's a story. I'm going to do it in parts. So obviously this is part one! You'll soon pick up the storyline. Let's get on with it!

My eyes flutter open only to see the maid heaving the bed cover off of me. I bury my head in my pillow until the maid steals that away from me as well. Mother comes strolling into the room and draws my curtain. Every speck of sunlight pours like jugs of water through the huge window. Once the maid and mother have left me some privacy, I start to get into my typical itchy, puffy, every-day dress on. I gracefully brush my blonde, fair curls and walk down the stairs to the dining room. Sat at my space is a bowl of plush fruits and bread, butter and jam. I sit down at my seat and start to nibble at my food.
"Sit up straight, Skye!" I roll my eyes at Mother's demand. I sit up straight and almost break my back.

Drops of water quickly fall down to the ground. I sit down on my bed feeling bored! Typical British weather - rain! It's then I realise I've only ever really been in 3 rooms of the house. I find my legs dragging me upwards and around the house.

I make my way into a dark room. Sat in the corner is a dusty chest. I wander over to it. Cautiously, I begin to open it. Inside is an antique mirror from the 1700's. I can't believe it's lasted to the mid-Victorian times! The dust floats away as I breathe heavily onto it. I attempt to hang it up somewhere. Once the beautiful mirror is up, I gaze at it and notice that a bit of the glass is chipped and badly broken. A harsh glare glimmers in the crack and suddenly I'm touching the gap in the broken area. A bright white light flashes in my eyes and it blasts me backwards. Everything is black.

I open my eyes and wake up rubbing my head. It's saw and painful and I've got the most terrible headache. I sit up and glance around me. It's not the room I was in a few seconds ago, I'm outdoors in a snowy surrounding - freezing!! There's a pole behind me with a sign on it. I must of hit my head on there! Everything is still blurry. I squint and just manage to make out each individual letter on the sign. Welcome to...

I do admit it's not the BEST piece of writing I've ever done but I promise the other parts will be better. Let me know in the comments what you think. It is currently sort of a cross between Narnia and Sleeping Beauty! Anyway, my fingers are numb from the two blog posts and some other typing I've been doing today so I'll just say bye here!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

NEW SERIES: Miss Easter | DIY Easter Room Decor

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So welcome to my second part of my new series - Miss Easter. I'm not really going to explain or have a long, dreary introduction. So without further ado, let's hop into it! (See what I did there? Bunnies = Spring = Hopping? No? Ok! Shut up, Miss Internet and do the post!)

So my first DIY is a super easy 'Countdown to Easter' board!!! So you will need:

Whiteboard pens
 A whiteboard
Alphabet magnets
So the first thing to do is give your whiteboard a big Spring clean (again, another bad pun!!)
Then after that, grab the magnets and start arranging them to say whatever you want. The most obvious and best idea is: Countdown to Easter

Next, you need to get your pens and everyday update how many days there are until Easter. Also, use the magnets to spell 'days' underneath. You may also want to write the official date above the days.

You can also decorate this section.
Then hang up your whiteboard, look at it and love it.
The next room décor is simply some Easter fairy lights.

USE THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The third and final, last but not least, room décor is a DIY Easter egg banner. You'll need:


Plastic Easter eggs and Blue-tac 

Cut the string to the appropriate length

You can either tie string to the egg and attach that to the other string or pick the easier way..

Open up the egg and wrap the string around the edge like above. Then close the egg and repeat with all the others.

Grab your blue-tac and stick the banner to the place where you've chosen. I chose the shelves in the playroom.

So they are all my Easter room decors. I hope you enjoyed this post and have fun making your room ready for Easter! Let me know in the comments what Easter-themed thing you want to see next/tomorrow in my series! PLEASE! I love you all! Happy Easter!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Monday, 30 March 2015

NEW SERIES: Miss Easter | Welcome

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So if you read my last post, you should've noticed that at the end of my post I mentioned I would start a new Easter series called 'Miss Easter'. If you are perhaps new to my blog or you didn't read my last post, then basically I am starting a new series called 'Miss Easter'! There you go, you're all filled in! Anyway, this is the first post. I was kind of in the middle whether to go for an intro post or just go straight into it and do an Easter related post. But I decided to just slow down and do a welcome post. But I am REALLY excited about the post that's coming next and I seriously cannot wait to start doing it. It should be up either tomorrow or the day after depending on how long it takes!

So, for the introduction section of the series, I thought I could maybe answer a few questions from the one and only - EASTER TAG!!!

1. Do you celebrate Easter?
Yes we do. But we don't really celebrate the religious aspect of it. We only really celebrate the chocolate, the Easter holidays and the Easter egg hunts!!

2. What is your favourite thing about Easter?
Probably the chocolate eggs! Or maybe the fact that its the holidays. I know it's really unoriginal but it's the truth!

3. What is your typical Easter day tradition?
Normally, I spend AGES planning a special Easter egg hunt. My grandma normally comes over and my mum cooks a roast. After lunch, we go and do my Easter egg hunt. Then we just sit in the lounge, watch T.V and stuff our faces with the Easter eggs we've gotten?

4. Do you colour eggs?
Well, I don't colour real eggs. But sometimes, my grandma gets craft packs for me to paint.

5. Favourite Easter treat?

6. Do you get pictures with the Easter bunny?
What?! We don't get one! Nothing or no one comes to our road to get pictures. What's that all about?!

7. What does the Easter bunny leave you on Easter?
Chocolate eggs.

8. What are your plans for Easter this year?
Pretty much the same as number 3.

9. What do you normally put in Easter baskets?
I don't normally make Easter baskets. But if I were to make one, I'd put in some Easter eggs, a bag of Cadbury's mini eggs, Cadbury's crème eggs, Pastel M&M's, Reese's peanut butter eggs and an Easter themed/pastel coloured phone case!

So they are all of the questions. I hope you liked my answers! I really enjoyed answering them! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW'S POST! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

So anyway, I'll see you all tomorrow with a brand new post that I'm really excited about! Bye

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chinese food and Pancake breakfast | Two days, one blog post

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! I was meaning to do this post yesterday but I became busy! So I'm putting two days into one! So yesterday we decided to order Chinese food for dinner! It was REALLY yummy! We ordered the following -
  • Chicken Charmaine
  • Egg fried rice
  • Chicken - Chinese style
  • Battered chicken balls (and I mean they were shaped as spheres, not the other thing a lot of you may have giggled at!!)
  • Chips
  • Sweet & Sour sauce
  • Curry sauce
  • Prawn crackers

 Then for pudding, we decided to have hot choc pudding with vanilla ice cream! YUMMY!

Oh! Not forgetting the delicious coke that I had to drink!
Then this morning, I had a delicious breakfast. Hot scotch pancakes with chocolate spread! #bestbreakfastever

So I hope you enjoyed this scrumptious post! Love you all! Bye

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

P.S. Soon I will be starting my very own Easter series/hashtag! Stay tuned for...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Miss Internet's A-Z + Happy Birthday, Zoella!

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So I would like to start off by saying -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOELLA! She is my absolute 100% favourite YouTuber (with PointlessBlog being the second) and she is just inspirational! 25 years of being alive, 6 years of blogging, and 6 years of making fabulously brilliant videos and vlogs! Anyway, Zoella is probably not even watching this but I just needed to say something! I don't know whether it's a bit pathetic to say happy birthday to a YouTuber that I don't know on my blog, but I'm doing it anyway!

Most of the photos are from Google Images and Zoella's blog but I made this myself
So anyway, just Happy 25th Birthday, Zoe! Have the most fabulous day!
So now let's get onto what the post would've been if it wasn't her birthday! I'm not quite sure why but I decided I would do an A-Z of random things! I thought it could be really fun so let's get on with it! P.S. I saw girlOnline mention Gilmore Girls and I really wanted to try it out! I'm now on season 5 and its AMAZING! Officially my favourite show!
A is for Autumn
It's one of my favourite seasons!
B is for Books and Blogging
I really enjoy reading. I'm currently reading 'A Year Without Autumn' by Liz Kessler. Hey, notice the last word in the title of the book! Oh and love blogging so much!
C is for Chocolate
Chocolate is my 100% favourite food! If you don't like it then I HAVE to assume you've never tried it!
D is for Dance and Daddy
I really want to dance and I especially want to contemporary dance and I'm learning off YouTube videos but it's SO difficult! I love Daddy!
E is for Elephants
I LOVE elephants!
F is for Friend
More specifically best friend but B was taken. But my best friend is FABULOUS! Neon Marshmallow, WOO HOO!
G is for Grandma
I love my Grandma so much and I really like going round for lunch and sleepovers and when she comes to our house!
H is for Hair and Hippos (they don't connect) and Hot chocolate
I don't mean to sound big headed whatsoever but my favourite feature of my body is my hair! Also, I actually really like hippos. Hot chocolate is my FAVE drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I is for Internet
Not kidding, who doesn't like the Internet? Seriously!
J is for Jelly
I love jelly! Especially strawberry jelly and vanilla ice-cream, Yummy!
K is for Kangaroos and Koalas
Again, I seriously love those animals!
L is for Lemonade
I like lemonade especially in the Summer! Cloudy lemonade is amazing!
M is for Mummy
I love Mummy as well!
N is for Numbers
I hate maths yet I seem to be quite good at it!!
O is for Orange juice
I really like orange juice in the mornings.
P is for PointlessBlog and pancakes
One of my FAVOURITE YouTubers! NEVER miss a video! OMG I LOVE PANCAKES!!!!!!!
Q is for Quotes
I really like quotes! I think they're so inspiring
R is for Rucksack
I really like the rucksack I have for school
S is for Strawberries
They are my FAVOURITE fruit
T is for The Sims 4
I love that game! I have a family of 6.
Mother: Robyn Smart
Father: Milo Smart
Teen: Autumn Smart
Girl: Kat Smart
Boy: James Smart
Baby: Adam Smart 
I love the house I made for them!
U is for Um
I don't know why but I'm always saying 'Um...'
V is for Videos
Using movie maker, I make little videos and pretend they're on YouTube but they are not!
W is for Writing and Winter
Writing is my absolute passion! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Also Winter is my favourite season!
X is for Xylophone
I used to have a xylophone when I was younger! Not sure where it is now though!
Y is for YouTube
I love YouTube! I'm literally on it everyday! I'm not lying!
Z is for Zoella
My favourite YouTuber of course! I NEVER EVER NEVER miss a video! Happy B-Day Zoe!
So I hope you enjoyed this post! It actually took a really long time! Anyway, love you all! Bye!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm quite scared about this one | Ocean

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So today I'm quite scared about this post. I decided that I thought I might share a little poem that I've made for you - just to see what you think. If it gets some good feedback, I might consider sharing some more of my writing like short stories and more poems! Not too often though! Anyway I like to call this...

Crashing, smashing, washing rocks
Jumping into the unknown,
Looking down on the deep blue sea
I see me in the

I'm in, I'm in the sea
Ripples, ripples, rippling
I ponder and I wonder about
What's beneath the

Splashing, splashing, splash
I look under to see
Starfish, seaweed,
Rocks and ruins in the

Dunk, dunk, dunking
I'm underneath
The surface above me
The unknown below me as I'm in the

Gasp, gasp, gasping
Holding my breath
A swarm of bubbles capture me
Breaking, breaking free from the

Exploring, exploring, explore
The unknown of the water
All the past that's left behind
And brought into the present, into this very

Swim, swim, swimming
Upwards I go
Pushing away the waves and paddling to land
I sit and overlook the water and say to myself, "I went in that!"
And I did! I went in the

So that was my poem! I hope you liked it! It's my first one and it's not really that good but I did try. I really tried! Anyway, this post was definitely different so let me know if you liked it or want more or don't want more! It's up to you! Love you guys!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Essentials for a big school trip

Hey guys it's Miss Internet (again)! So in precisely 1 month and 4 days I'm going on a big school trip! So I thought I'd list some 'must-haves' that you need to take!!

You cannot, WILL not, not take pyjamas and clothes with you unless you plan on spending the whole trip naked!!

Toothbrush and toothpaste
It's important to make sure that you clean your teeth! It's also better to have your own toothpaste that you like rather than using someone else's that you hate!

A face cloth/flannel
It's good to wash your face every night in case you don't have time for a shower every day!

Dry shampoo
Taking dry shampoo is a really good option because, again, if you don't have time to wash your hair every day you can use shampoo to protect a little more. It will probably still be greasy but it will help hang on more until you can get home.

Embarrassing but you NEED them!

If necessary, an inhaler, tablets or other
You need to take your medical thingies with you. We're trying to find chewable travel sickness tablets for me to take!

A towel
When you go in the shower, you're obviously gonna need a towel. If the place you go don't have them, then you're in trouble!

A pillow and a sleeping bag
On our list we've been given has sleeping bag. Also take a pillow, because even though they've washed them, you'll feel more comfortable with your own pillow!

Socks and shoes
Don't really need to explain this one!

Sun cream
It's vital you take it so your skin doesn't burn in the sun!

A wash bag to put your toothbrush and shampoo etc. in

So you can tell ghost stories with your friends and chat and see in the dark if you need the toilet!

Anything else you need

I am going to list the items again here so you can copy, paste and then print if necessary and I'm also going to do a graphic to print if you like!

Travel bag to put your stuff in



Toothbrush and toothpaste

A face cloth/flannel

Dry shampoo


If necessary, an inhaler, tablets or other

A towel

A pillow and a sleeping bag

Socks and shoes

Sun cream

A wash bag to put your toothbrush and shampoo etc. in


Travel bag to put your stuff in

I hope this helped guys! This is my second post!! Love you all!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Wonderful Wednesay | Let's be positive!

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So this isn't your stereotypical, erm, sort of positive, certain day of the week post! It's something I'm doing every week, just today! Although I'll let you into a secret! Every Friday I'll be doing posts like this but every week like a normal positive series post. I will do lots of things like D.I.Y's and chatty posts and day posts and anything really. But all positive! Anyway this a super duper short post but it's just to say...

When you have a sucky day - and we always and have all have them - don't let it get to you too much! I'm not saying the ideal role model for this but we all need to show just a sprinkle of resilience and confidence and...


So that's just my little message! Love you all!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

P.S. Stay positive!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Blogging photography | How to

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So, I'm back with another photo related post. If you want to check out my previous post (which is also about photography/photos) then click here after this post. In that post I tell you about my first follower and how to edit photos. Anyway back to this post. I was on Zoella's fabulous blog (I want to follow it but it keeps telling me she has maximum followers! Any tips?) and I noticed a little blog post that I LOVE called How to | Blog photography and I couldn't help but think that I wanted to this post. So I'm going to do it. WARNING: I am not a good photographer as I am still learning! I only have a small canon at the moment so I'm saving up for a better camera or maybe even just a bigger canon. So let's get on with it!

The Camera
(The main thing you need)
You don't need a huge DSLR camera in order to take a good photo (although it would be amazing to have one)! You can use anything! I often use my iPod camera and with a little fiddling it can look amazing. I also use my Canon camera which is also good. I can't say that there is no difference between my camera and a DSLR because there is. A big one! But anyway you can use anything. A small digital camera (like me), a phone camera, anything. But make sure you take good quality photos otherwise when you blow them up bigger, they will be pixelated and sucky quality.
Photos from the Internet
I don't really like to use stock photos (then again I get panicky about copyright but still) and I prefer to take my own photos. Say you took a picture of, I don't know, a chocolate bar. I like to see it with a few bites taken off with a background behind it - knowing that you've eaten it, not the, um, screen. I don't like seeing a white background or black or red or whatever coloured background with a full - sized chocolate bar floating in the air. Obviously stock photos are probably better quality than ones you've taken yourself! Although not necessarily!
So, especially on, well, all cameras, they have a flash. Flash can be really good sometimes. When you want to take a picture of, for example, snow or rain falling and you don't want it blurry, use the flash! But when it comes to lighting, I recommend not. People do like it and I respect that but it can make everything look fake and, I don't know, more fake.
Quite often when I take photos, the natural light has faded away and I resort to studio (I mean light bulbs and stuff) lighting. I personally prefer natural lighting the most but sometimes it's gone along with the photo's natural lighting.

Taking the actual photo
(Might want to use Zoella for this one!!)
So, it's important that you have correct amount of spacing around your main focus (HELLO RULE OF THIRDS!) Anyway, you don't want too much space but you don't want so little space only half the focus is showing (I think I'm right on that one!) So this is, er, an okay - ish position...

Focus - Is it in focus or not?
Ahh! Even though it can be hard to get it in focus sometimes, it kinda bugs me when I see photos out of focus. Although we can't be perfect!
 Grrr - out of focus
 Yay - in focus
Editing - Yes or no?
I love editing! #passion but I do like natural photos!
So they are all mine (and Zoella's) hints and tips for blogging photography! Hope this helped. To be honest you're better off reading Zoella's post but I tried! Love you all!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx