Friday, 6 March 2015

Attention - Comic Relief

As you will know (if you don't then you kinda need to get out more) it's Comic Relief very soon - A.K.A. Red Nose Day - in fact it's next Friday... Friday the 13th unfortunately but don't let that spoil anything. I think Comic Relief is an extremely excellent charity that raises money for an amazing cause. I'm not going to go into those teeny tiny complicated details - that's all on the website! If you're feeling kind then you can donate some money here.

There are so many ways to get involved and celebrities have definitely shown their part.
The Great Comic Relief Bake Off and so much more. You can put in your part as well. It's so easy. You can have bake sales and get the bake off kit here, Sponsored Silence's and something like that, make your funny face, wash cars or something for money or simply just donate! Make sure to buy a red nose! You can get them very cheap! Our school, next Friday, is raising money for Comic Relief by going into school wearing as much or as little red but you have to wear some red. We each take in at least £1 and some people take more so that could raise over £400! It's so easy to get involved and do your part! It's a great organisation which is 100% worth donating for! Let me know what you're doing/have done for Comic Relief and if you've donated and how much in the comments! Bye
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx
P.S. Be funny for money! Make a face and get your red nose! Here's their website

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