Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blizzard | Part one

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! I'm back with another writing post - YAY! So this time it's a story. I'm going to do it in parts. So obviously this is part one! You'll soon pick up the storyline. Let's get on with it!

My eyes flutter open only to see the maid heaving the bed cover off of me. I bury my head in my pillow until the maid steals that away from me as well. Mother comes strolling into the room and draws my curtain. Every speck of sunlight pours like jugs of water through the huge window. Once the maid and mother have left me some privacy, I start to get into my typical itchy, puffy, every-day dress on. I gracefully brush my blonde, fair curls and walk down the stairs to the dining room. Sat at my space is a bowl of plush fruits and bread, butter and jam. I sit down at my seat and start to nibble at my food.
"Sit up straight, Skye!" I roll my eyes at Mother's demand. I sit up straight and almost break my back.

Drops of water quickly fall down to the ground. I sit down on my bed feeling bored! Typical British weather - rain! It's then I realise I've only ever really been in 3 rooms of the house. I find my legs dragging me upwards and around the house.

I make my way into a dark room. Sat in the corner is a dusty chest. I wander over to it. Cautiously, I begin to open it. Inside is an antique mirror from the 1700's. I can't believe it's lasted to the mid-Victorian times! The dust floats away as I breathe heavily onto it. I attempt to hang it up somewhere. Once the beautiful mirror is up, I gaze at it and notice that a bit of the glass is chipped and badly broken. A harsh glare glimmers in the crack and suddenly I'm touching the gap in the broken area. A bright white light flashes in my eyes and it blasts me backwards. Everything is black.

I open my eyes and wake up rubbing my head. It's saw and painful and I've got the most terrible headache. I sit up and glance around me. It's not the room I was in a few seconds ago, I'm outdoors in a snowy surrounding - freezing!! There's a pole behind me with a sign on it. I must of hit my head on there! Everything is still blurry. I squint and just manage to make out each individual letter on the sign. Welcome to...

I do admit it's not the BEST piece of writing I've ever done but I promise the other parts will be better. Let me know in the comments what you think. It is currently sort of a cross between Narnia and Sleeping Beauty! Anyway, my fingers are numb from the two blog posts and some other typing I've been doing today so I'll just say bye here!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. Love your story!!



    1. Aww thank you so much! I've been meaning to continue it actually!

      Glad you liked it!

      You're writing is always better! xoxo


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