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Blogging photography | How to

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So, I'm back with another photo related post. If you want to check out my previous post (which is also about photography/photos) then click here after this post. In that post I tell you about my first follower and how to edit photos. Anyway back to this post. I was on Zoella's fabulous blog (I want to follow it but it keeps telling me she has maximum followers! Any tips?) and I noticed a little blog post that I LOVE called How to | Blog photography and I couldn't help but think that I wanted to this post. So I'm going to do it. WARNING: I am not a good photographer as I am still learning! I only have a small canon at the moment so I'm saving up for a better camera or maybe even just a bigger canon. So let's get on with it!

The Camera
(The main thing you need)
You don't need a huge DSLR camera in order to take a good photo (although it would be amazing to have one)! You can use anything! I often use my iPod camera and with a little fiddling it can look amazing. I also use my Canon camera which is also good. I can't say that there is no difference between my camera and a DSLR because there is. A big one! But anyway you can use anything. A small digital camera (like me), a phone camera, anything. But make sure you take good quality photos otherwise when you blow them up bigger, they will be pixelated and sucky quality.
Photos from the Internet
I don't really like to use stock photos (then again I get panicky about copyright but still) and I prefer to take my own photos. Say you took a picture of, I don't know, a chocolate bar. I like to see it with a few bites taken off with a background behind it - knowing that you've eaten it, not the, um, screen. I don't like seeing a white background or black or red or whatever coloured background with a full - sized chocolate bar floating in the air. Obviously stock photos are probably better quality than ones you've taken yourself! Although not necessarily!
So, especially on, well, all cameras, they have a flash. Flash can be really good sometimes. When you want to take a picture of, for example, snow or rain falling and you don't want it blurry, use the flash! But when it comes to lighting, I recommend not. People do like it and I respect that but it can make everything look fake and, I don't know, more fake.
Quite often when I take photos, the natural light has faded away and I resort to studio (I mean light bulbs and stuff) lighting. I personally prefer natural lighting the most but sometimes it's gone along with the photo's natural lighting.

Taking the actual photo
(Might want to use Zoella for this one!!)
So, it's important that you have correct amount of spacing around your main focus (HELLO RULE OF THIRDS!) Anyway, you don't want too much space but you don't want so little space only half the focus is showing (I think I'm right on that one!) So this is, er, an okay - ish position...

Focus - Is it in focus or not?
Ahh! Even though it can be hard to get it in focus sometimes, it kinda bugs me when I see photos out of focus. Although we can't be perfect!
 Grrr - out of focus
 Yay - in focus
Editing - Yes or no?
I love editing! #passion but I do like natural photos!
So they are all mine (and Zoella's) hints and tips for blogging photography! Hope this helped. To be honest you're better off reading Zoella's post but I tried! Love you all!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. this is such a great post i managed to follow zoella i wonder why you cant any way amazing post

    Neon Girl xxx

  2. Great tips! I'll try them out next time I have an urge to photograph :)

    1. There not that good but I'm glad I could help! Coxo


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