Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm quite scared about this one | Ocean

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So today I'm quite scared about this post. I decided that I thought I might share a little poem that I've made for you - just to see what you think. If it gets some good feedback, I might consider sharing some more of my writing like short stories and more poems! Not too often though! Anyway I like to call this...

Crashing, smashing, washing rocks
Jumping into the unknown,
Looking down on the deep blue sea
I see me in the

I'm in, I'm in the sea
Ripples, ripples, rippling
I ponder and I wonder about
What's beneath the

Splashing, splashing, splash
I look under to see
Starfish, seaweed,
Rocks and ruins in the

Dunk, dunk, dunking
I'm underneath
The surface above me
The unknown below me as I'm in the

Gasp, gasp, gasping
Holding my breath
A swarm of bubbles capture me
Breaking, breaking free from the

Exploring, exploring, explore
The unknown of the water
All the past that's left behind
And brought into the present, into this very

Swim, swim, swimming
Upwards I go
Pushing away the waves and paddling to land
I sit and overlook the water and say to myself, "I went in that!"
And I did! I went in the

So that was my poem! I hope you liked it! It's my first one and it's not really that good but I did try. I really tried! Anyway, this post was definitely different so let me know if you liked it or want more or don't want more! It's up to you! Love you guys!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. I really like that poem you should definitely do more!!!!


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