Friday, 20 March 2015

Is it okay to...?

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So, before I start I need to point out a few things:
  • I know that I've literally just done a post, but I wanted to do another
  • I don't believe that weekends, especially Friday's, should be pessimistic, so I'll try and make this post as optimistic as I can
  • Basically, this post is something that we did at school but I didn't get to explain things very much amongst a class of 34 pupils so I'll explain it myself in this post :)
Right, I like to call this 'Is it okay to...?' and basically there's different questions and you can answer with:
  • Yes!
  • Sometimes/maybe
  • No!
#1. Is it okay to lie?
Sometimes. Most people will say 'no, honesty is the best policy' and I sort of agree. It's quite hard to explain, but, sometimes you have to lie for yours or someone else's safety if you know what I mean. Also I think white lies are okay.

#2. Is it okay to cry?
100%! Everyone needs to cry. It's natural. It's called being a human.

#3. Is it okay to bully yourself?
No! It isn't okay to be mean to anyone and make you look big and make them look small. You see in films bullies are mainly people with problems outside of school. But they should express it in a different way.

#4. Is it okay to be wrong?
YES! YES! YES! You learn from your mistakes. If you're never wrong, you'll never know what's right!

#5. Is it okay to say exactly what's on your mind?
Sometimes. If it's something that's positive or won't offend anyone, yes. But if it's something mean or negative about someone or something, then it's best to say nothing.

So that's the post. Short, with barely any questions and actually not that fun to do, but I did it anyway! I might delete it. Please tell me in the comments..... HONESTLY!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

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  1. Thanks this post really helped me out xx


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