Saturday, 21 March 2015

Learn to love yourself tag | A tag made by me

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So, believe it or not but, I've created yet another tag! This time it's called 'Learn to love yourself' tag. It's a tag to make everyone's fabulous qualities stand out! So, let's get on with the questions!

1) What feature do you like the most about yourself?
For me, it's probably my hair. I really like my hair. It's medium-short and it's a light brown and in the summer it looks like it's got really light brown highlights in it. It's also really thick and soft.

2) What is your greatest strength?
I would say that my greatest strength is my creativity or my imagination especially in writing. My imagination has a world of it's own and really helps me with my writing.

3) What would you say is your best quality or which quality stands out the most?
My personality. I have an odd personality. I'm calm and shy a lot of the time but I also have times where I like to have fun, laugh lots and go a bit crazy. My sense of humour includes bad jokes and lots of sarcasm.

4) Would you want to be the king, queen, president or prime minister? Also why and what would you change or add?
Ooh I don't know which I'd be. I don't really want a public life. I'd probably pick prime minister? If I could change or add anything, I'd make it illegal to smoke, guns would be burned to the ground and never invented again and all the things bad in the world, well country and change everything bad in the country.

5) If you knew you could always succeed, what risk or daring thing would you take?
I'd probably go to Space! Martians, you better have a welcome banner for me!

6) What are the five or three things that you cherish in life?
1. The people
2. The good things
3. The little things
4. When you take opportunities and no regrets
5. You're only ever going to live once (big unfortunately) so making the most of it is important

7) Why are you worth it?
Because I'm me. I'm unique and there's no one in this world like me. I'm one of a kind, one in a million... we all are!

So they are the questions that I answered! Now it's your turn! The people that I am tagging are:

Neon Girl - Neon Girl 
Little Robin - Little Teen's Blog
Fabulous things 2 try - Fabulous Things 2 Try
Anyone else who fancies doing it!
The Rules:
  • Create the post with the graphic that I made on your post
  • Answer the questions that I answered above.
  • Tag 2-10 people who you think might like or you want to answer these questions. If you wanted, this is optional, you can add more questions if you think of any that you want the people you tagged to answer! 
  • Comment on the people's blogs you tagged saying you tagged them   
So this is the tag I created. It's not created to boast or show off or sound big-headed it's to make sure that despite the self-doubt we all have wonderful qualities.
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me it sounds like a really lovely tag to make ppl realise how much they should be happy about themselves

  2. Thanks for tagging me! This tag is pure brilliance! I'll try to see if I have time to do it; I can't make any promises, but I'll attempt to make time!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you so much! I totally understand! Xoxo


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