Saturday, 28 March 2015

Miss Internet's A-Z + Happy Birthday, Zoella!

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So I would like to start off by saying -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOELLA! She is my absolute 100% favourite YouTuber (with PointlessBlog being the second) and she is just inspirational! 25 years of being alive, 6 years of blogging, and 6 years of making fabulously brilliant videos and vlogs! Anyway, Zoella is probably not even watching this but I just needed to say something! I don't know whether it's a bit pathetic to say happy birthday to a YouTuber that I don't know on my blog, but I'm doing it anyway!

Most of the photos are from Google Images and Zoella's blog but I made this myself
So anyway, just Happy 25th Birthday, Zoe! Have the most fabulous day!
So now let's get onto what the post would've been if it wasn't her birthday! I'm not quite sure why but I decided I would do an A-Z of random things! I thought it could be really fun so let's get on with it! P.S. I saw girlOnline mention Gilmore Girls and I really wanted to try it out! I'm now on season 5 and its AMAZING! Officially my favourite show!
A is for Autumn
It's one of my favourite seasons!
B is for Books and Blogging
I really enjoy reading. I'm currently reading 'A Year Without Autumn' by Liz Kessler. Hey, notice the last word in the title of the book! Oh and love blogging so much!
C is for Chocolate
Chocolate is my 100% favourite food! If you don't like it then I HAVE to assume you've never tried it!
D is for Dance and Daddy
I really want to dance and I especially want to contemporary dance and I'm learning off YouTube videos but it's SO difficult! I love Daddy!
E is for Elephants
I LOVE elephants!
F is for Friend
More specifically best friend but B was taken. But my best friend is FABULOUS! Neon Marshmallow, WOO HOO!
G is for Grandma
I love my Grandma so much and I really like going round for lunch and sleepovers and when she comes to our house!
H is for Hair and Hippos (they don't connect) and Hot chocolate
I don't mean to sound big headed whatsoever but my favourite feature of my body is my hair! Also, I actually really like hippos. Hot chocolate is my FAVE drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I is for Internet
Not kidding, who doesn't like the Internet? Seriously!
J is for Jelly
I love jelly! Especially strawberry jelly and vanilla ice-cream, Yummy!
K is for Kangaroos and Koalas
Again, I seriously love those animals!
L is for Lemonade
I like lemonade especially in the Summer! Cloudy lemonade is amazing!
M is for Mummy
I love Mummy as well!
N is for Numbers
I hate maths yet I seem to be quite good at it!!
O is for Orange juice
I really like orange juice in the mornings.
P is for PointlessBlog and pancakes
One of my FAVOURITE YouTubers! NEVER miss a video! OMG I LOVE PANCAKES!!!!!!!
Q is for Quotes
I really like quotes! I think they're so inspiring
R is for Rucksack
I really like the rucksack I have for school
S is for Strawberries
They are my FAVOURITE fruit
T is for The Sims 4
I love that game! I have a family of 6.
Mother: Robyn Smart
Father: Milo Smart
Teen: Autumn Smart
Girl: Kat Smart
Boy: James Smart
Baby: Adam Smart 
I love the house I made for them!
U is for Um
I don't know why but I'm always saying 'Um...'
V is for Videos
Using movie maker, I make little videos and pretend they're on YouTube but they are not!
W is for Writing and Winter
Writing is my absolute passion! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Also Winter is my favourite season!
X is for Xylophone
I used to have a xylophone when I was younger! Not sure where it is now though!
Y is for YouTube
I love YouTube! I'm literally on it everyday! I'm not lying!
Z is for Zoella
My favourite YouTuber of course! I NEVER EVER NEVER miss a video! Happy B-Day Zoe!
So I hope you enjoyed this post! It actually took a really long time! Anyway, love you all! Bye!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

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