Friday, 13 March 2015

Mother's day

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So this Sunday - Sunday 15th - is Mother's Day! The day where we appreciate mothers. In my opinion, mums rock! So I say they deserve some appreciation! I know that a lot of people struggle with gift ideas. Especially last minute gift ideas. So I'm here to help with some super simple DIY gifts for Mother's day!

The first idea is something that could turn those Mother's day blues to, erm, yellows?! Anyway it's basically a jar or bottle or whatever full of reasons why you love your mother! You will need:
Jam jar/jar/bottle/other

It's so simple! Grab your jar, if you want to you can decorate it, write a little gift tag and hole punch it then thread through ribbon and tie your ribbon around the jar. Cut up your paper/card and write why you love your mum! Fill up the jar and you're done!

Another present is a simple drawing of your family. It's a lovely present and something that's perfect to frame!

Pamper or breakfast in bed is a simple option and will make your mum happy.

Ok so this is a short post but I'm in a lot of pain! Yesterday lunch time at break, I was running up some outdoor steps and tripped on one. I hit my hip (which is blue and purple) and skid very far on my knee. It's a small but very deep cut. We took off the massive plaster I had on just before this post. We had to disinfect it which was so saw!! I'm in so much pain! It's extremely painful to bend so I'm currently pushing it out straight! A straight as a ruler. It's still bleeding and oh so saw! I'm rambling but it's toooooooo painful! 

Anyway hope this helped! Toodaloo!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx 

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