Tuesday, 31 March 2015

NEW SERIES: Miss Easter | DIY Easter Room Decor

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So welcome to my second part of my new series - Miss Easter. I'm not really going to explain or have a long, dreary introduction. So without further ado, let's hop into it! (See what I did there? Bunnies = Spring = Hopping? No? Ok! Shut up, Miss Internet and do the post!)

So my first DIY is a super easy 'Countdown to Easter' board!!! So you will need:

Whiteboard pens
 A whiteboard
Alphabet magnets
So the first thing to do is give your whiteboard a big Spring clean (again, another bad pun!!)
Then after that, grab the magnets and start arranging them to say whatever you want. The most obvious and best idea is: Countdown to Easter

Next, you need to get your pens and everyday update how many days there are until Easter. Also, use the magnets to spell 'days' underneath. You may also want to write the official date above the days.

You can also decorate this section.
Then hang up your whiteboard, look at it and love it.
The next room décor is simply some Easter fairy lights.

USE THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The third and final, last but not least, room décor is a DIY Easter egg banner. You'll need:


Plastic Easter eggs and Blue-tac 

Cut the string to the appropriate length

You can either tie string to the egg and attach that to the other string or pick the easier way..

Open up the egg and wrap the string around the edge like above. Then close the egg and repeat with all the others.

Grab your blue-tac and stick the banner to the place where you've chosen. I chose the shelves in the playroom.

So they are all my Easter room decors. I hope you enjoyed this post and have fun making your room ready for Easter! Let me know in the comments what Easter-themed thing you want to see next/tomorrow in my series! PLEASE! I love you all! Happy Easter!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

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