Sunday, 26 April 2015

I am so thankful | Second nomination for Liebster Award!

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I was nominated by the incredibly talented Teen Aspect... for the second time! If you check out her blog, not even for a second will you regret it!

Anyway, onto the amazing questions she asked us!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I have a passion for writing, you all know that by now, and I wanted to share my passion with the world. Whether it was a short poem or a how to, it makes and made me unbelievably happy! That's not your question is it...

2. What would you consider to be the genre of your blog?
Um, me? (she says so humbly)

3. Name three pet peeves.
Biting your nails (Grrr, I'm such a hypocrite!)
I'm just kidding! Okay, right!
People who don't flush the public toilets
When people throw little and throw cigarettes on the ground #lazy
People who just instantly judge people by how they look or first impressions

4. What's your typical order from a coffee shop?
I'm a huge fan of Costa - I love that place! I always order a Belgium Chocolate Creamy Cooler with whipped cream and they always put a swirly chocolate thing in the middle for me - not sure why but I haven't seen that in anyone else's! Weird but yet it makes it more delicious!

5. Who are your top 5 favourite bands/singers/artists?
BTW, it's not necessarily in this particular order!
Meghan Trainor
Maroon 5
Taylor Swift
Sam Smith

6. If you had to live off 3 foods and then 3 drinks, what would they be?
Food -
- Chocolate
- Strawberries
- Biscuits

Drinks -
- Coke
- Hot chocolate
- Creamy cooler (chocolate one from Costa!!)

7. Do you intend on travelling in the future?
Well, quite often in the Summer, me and my family head to Cumbria so hopefully that will happen! This isn't necessarily intentional, but hopefully Niagara Falls!!!!!!

8. Name four of your favourite possessions.
My favourite toy (so-fun dude!)
My laptop
My iPod
My bed
And my family, if they count...

9. What are three things that you feel you couldn't live without (other than oxygen and all of the scientific aspects!)?
My family
My favourite toy
My best friend

10. How long do you spend on the internet on an average, daily?
Um, on weekends nearly all day and on weekdays all after school! Is that bad...

11. What's your favourite memory so far this year?
On Thursday 16th April, I went somewhere super duper fun! I won't reveal it though as this is anonymous... is that ok?

So that's it, fellow Interneters! I hope you liked my answers!

Now time to nominate my victims nominees -

Ta dah! They are my nominees! I hope you like it!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Finding time to blog | How to

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So today I'm here with another 'How to'! I really enjoy these kinds of posts! 

Lots of people will agree with me when I say, blogging is a commitment.

But its a commitment that I couldn't live with out! (Well, I could but you know what I mean!)

Its hard to find time in schedules, busy or not busy, to blog.

So here are some tips!

I have an 'app' that comes with my computer, basically a calendar, and I like to write what I'm going to write about or just the post title and set it as an event. It often asks me what time so I normally pick the morning or afternoon as that's when I have more time to blog. I find personally if I do it a night, I run out of time and have to save it as a draft for the next day. Also, I like to quickly check and preview a post and then publish it as, for some reason, if I leave it as a draft I seem to forget about, give up on it, become to late to do it or do it about a year later!

I like to give myself a time limit or a date where I have to have my post done. That way I will stay focused, won't get distracted and be determined!

So, when it comes to comments on my blog - I get quite a few! Before you begin your post, give yourself 10-15 minutes to reply to comments, read and reply to emails, look at blogs and comments, go on your social media etc. Then you can't be distracted!

Another tip I have is to turn your phone off or on Do Not Disturb. That means, when you get tweets or texts and calls etc. you won't get them whilst you're doing the post. And when you don't get them, you won't be tempted to respond or take a look. Then turn it on when you're done and do all that stuffy stuff!

Breaks!! Once you've done maybe a paragraph or 5 sentences etc. give yourself a break! Maybe watch a YouTube video or read a blog post - whatever you want!

So they are just a few tips - not many and they're not great - hopefully they helped!

I hope you enjoyed the post! These tips might be slightly useful if you want to blog almost or everyday of the year! Love you all lots!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Birthday everyone!

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So, yesterday I did a birthday post for FabulousThings2Try and honestly, I got so many lovely comments... and requests! So, Lexie W and Neon Girl, here you are!

I hope you two like them! Lots of love to everyone! If its your birthday, happy birthday!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Birthday, Fabulous things 2 try!

Hey guys its Miss Internet! A few days ago, Fabulous things 2 try had her birthday! So, here is a special (late) birthday present for her! If you have a birthday coming up, let me know in the comments and I'll throw you a blogging birthday party! So, happy (late) birthday, Fabulous things 2 try!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

1000 views + Summer bucket list tag

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I've hit precisely 1000 views - yay! Thank you!

Anyway, I was tagged by Kate from The Teen Aspect to do the 'Summer bucket list' tag! Summer is the season after the one we are currently in in Britain so its time to go and find a bikini and surf the waves... or you know, the web!

1. See at least one sunrise
So as far as I know, I've never been up early enough to see a sunrise! And if I have, I can't remember it. So my aim this summer, even if its just one, is to see the sunrise!
2. Go to the beach more
When someone says summer, you instantly think 'beach!' Unfortunately, my family doesn't go to the beach that much. My aim is to go a lot in the Summer.
3. Get my room decorated
Recently we went out to buy some paint for my bedroom. We were supposed to do it this holiday but my dad was at work. So hopefully it will be done before or in summer!
4. Go on holiday
So we don't really go on holiday that often. (Jeez, I'm making it sound like we never go out! We do, we do!) But I think this year we're going up north to somewhere. We used to go every summer and then we just stopped but I think we MIGHT be going again!
5. Write or finish a book
I really want to start writing a book. But I should probably finish the ones I've started!
6. Take more photos
I was always taking photos but I decided I wasn't good so I stopped. I want to start up again and get better. There some much to photograph in Summer!
7. Buy more clothes
I'm getting a little bit tired of my clothes. I don't mean a whole new wardrobe, just a few more summer items.
8. Get at least 10 followers
Wink, wink
9. Have a big summer sleepover with my friend
Preferably just Neon Marshmallow would come but we would go full out summer theme
10. Watch Insurgent
I've seen Divergent so I should probably watch the second one
11. Make a really yummy summer milkshake/smoothie
I want to make a massive one. A big healthy, coughs*unhealthy*coughs, milkshake or smoothie!
12. Go and see Ant-Man
I really like Marvel films! I admit that Ant-Man doesn't look like the BEST Marvel film ever, but it looks pretty good and me and daddy want to see it so why not. Plus, it comes out in Summer!
13. Keep blogging
No explanation needed!
Uh oh, we landed on unlucky 13! Um, quick think of a 14!
14. Don't land on 13!
I'm not actually superstitious so that was pointless! So, now I get to tag people! Hmm, who shall I tag? *dramatic pause* I've got some people in mind. Mwa ha ha! You need to nominate 4 people or more!
Zoe from Zoe Sherlock

Kate from Splash of Kate
Note + Rain from Note + Rain
Ella from The Pink Pineapple

Ok so that is the post! *sings* I hope you enjoyed iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttt!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'd be happy to!

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I've been thinking! I'm going to start making blog buttons for anyone who wants them! I would then, once gathering enough, create a tab of the collection and link the blog who its for. You could then save it and add to your blog! Comment below if you want a blog button design by me! Love you all lots! So sorry for the short post!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Hey guys its Miss Internet! So a while back I did 'The Literature Photography' tag. I've literally just realised that I did it COMPLETELY wrong! I made my own prompts and I wasn't supposed to! By the way, the people who I nominated - do not do it again! Its might fault so don't bother updating them

Anyway, I might do a new one as its my fault so I want to! I am so sorry guys, you did a great job! Prepare for a new one in a few days! Thank you to Little Robin for making me see sense!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

UPDATE: I'm actually NOT going to do it again! Hope that's alright! xxx

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Looking back | Collab with Neon Girl

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So, my last post was my one and only Q&A. So I said that whoever comments or emails me, gets a 'give-back'. So this is Neon Girl's give back - a collab post. We were going to do the 90's tag but then we realised - WE WEREN'T BORN! So we're looking back at the 2000's instead. From 2005-whenever!

Favourite T.V show?
Neon Girl: Peppa Pig and In The Night Garden for me (remember we were only toddlers)
Miss Internet: Balamory, Peppa Pig, Fifi Forget Me Not, and The Tweenies'

Favourite movie?
Miss Internet: High School Musical, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Enchanted
Neon Girl: The Bee Movie and Alvin and the Chipmunks

Favourite book?
Neon Girl: Ted Tells The Time
Miss Internet: Wanda's First Day

Favourite Disney film?
Miss Internet: Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty won my heart
Neon Girl: I loved Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty 

Favourite music?
Neon Girl: For me it was Mama Mia and Dancing Queen from Abba
Miss Internet: I loved you'll always find your way back home by Hannah Montana and Abba and Steps

So they're all the questions. We hope you enjoyed the post! Bye

Miss Internet going off the Internet and Neon Girl growing dark xoxo

Monday, 6 April 2015

Traveling around the world, becoming an author & YouTube channels | Q&A

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So in one of my previous post I needed your help with some questions for my Q&A! So here are the answers to the questions you guys asked. I will be sure to get onto my 'give-backs' for the questions very soon!

The pink pineapple
What's your favourite colour?
Quite a basic question but I like answering these kind of questions. Simple question, simple answer - I really like a lot different shades of blue! Which might surprise you guys as my colour scheme is purple! P.S. I love your blog name, pink pineapple!

The pink pineapple
If you could travel ANYWHERE in the whole wide world, where would you go?
This is really unoriginal but I'd love to go to America! For more detail on this question, check out my 'Bucket' list!

Neon Girl
Will you ever start a YouTube channel?
For the time being, no. Right now, I want it to be me on my computer, blogging anonymously. Although I do like making little videos with Movie Maker!

The pink pineapple
If you were writing a book, what would it be called and be about?
Well, right now I am writing about a girl who goes to America and falls in love with her next door neighbour. It's called 'Together'.

Grab your iPod, go to the music app, put your music on shuffle and tell us what song comes on and why you like it?
The song that came on first was Maps - Maroon 5 and I like the song because the song's really catchy and I don't know I just really like it. Its in my 'Favourite Songs' playlist! I HATE the music video though. The next song that came on was All about that bass - Meghan Trainor and it's also in my 'Favourite songs' playlist because it's got a good message, its really catchy and I just really like it!

Neon Girl
Are you religious?
Actually I'm not!

Neon Girl
Why did you start blogging?
Grab your goggles, this might be deep. I started blogging because I wanted to, it sounds weird, sort of have a voice and for people to actually read what I would write in a diary. Its super fun. Its nothing like I thought it would be - its better!

Neon Girl
Do you have any pets?
No I don't. I'm dying to get two girl guinea pigs, though! I would call them Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I used to have a boy hamster called Bibble! I loved him so much and even though he's gone, I still do!

So they are all the questions that I got! Thank you Neon Girl and The Pink Pineapple! The Pink Pineapple, I can't follow you as blogger is being a pest and won't let me. Please comment down below what you would like instead! Neon Girl, we will do our collab post very soon! Love you all!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Friday, 3 April 2015

Shopping for ages & an idea | A day blog

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I thought I'd would do another post about my day!

So we headed over to Sainsbury's and oh my gosh we spent SOOOOOOOOOO long there! We had vouchers for Sainsbury's for £150 so we decided to go and spend it. We bought LOADS! It was then about 2:15PM and we still hadn't has lunch so we decided to drive over to Morrison's to get some lunch. I had cheeseburger, chips and beans. Daddy had an English breakfast and Mummy and Older-than-me had Scampi (fish! I know right, I thought it was deer Lol!) And then after that we did even MORE shopping! We came home with about 72 bags!!!!

So, on the way there I thought of an idea. Yesterday, me, Neon Marshmallow and a boy in my class, er let's call him Bad Boy, were just having fun and thinking and then singing songs. He decided that at the end of Junior school, he wanted to do a music video with his cousin, me, Neon Marshmallow and his friend and put it on YouTube. This gave me an idea on the way to Morrison's. Maybe at the end of the year, the whole class could sing and make a music video for Mrs C and Mrs F. The song could be something the whole class knows. So possibly, and preferably, Uptown funk or Take me to church!

So yeah that's today's post! Hope you enjoyed it!

Miss Internet going off the Internet

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I need your help!

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So very soon I am going to do a Q&A! Now this is where I need your help! If you read this, it would be really helpful and lovely and I beg you to comment 3 or more questions for me to answer in my Q&A! If you ask me a question, I will write who asked the question and link your blog and if I can remember how to do it - I will TRY and follow your blog! By the way, I'm not blackmailing or bribing you guys by saying that, I'm just giving something back to you guys who hopefully will help me out deeply! So sorry it's a short post but that's all I need to say! If I'm already following you, then obviously I won't re-follow you but I am following: