Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I need your help!

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! So very soon I am going to do a Q&A! Now this is where I need your help! If you read this, it would be really helpful and lovely and I beg you to comment 3 or more questions for me to answer in my Q&A! If you ask me a question, I will write who asked the question and link your blog and if I can remember how to do it - I will TRY and follow your blog! By the way, I'm not blackmailing or bribing you guys by saying that, I'm just giving something back to you guys who hopefully will help me out deeply! So sorry it's a short post but that's all I need to say! If I'm already following you, then obviously I won't re-follow you but I am following:


  1. Hi Miss Internet,
    Thought I would help you out with some questions I'd love to see the answers too :)
    1. What's your favourite colour
    2. If you were writing a book what would it be called and what would it be about?
    3. If you could travel anywhere in the entire world right now, where would it be?
    Hopefully you like these questions, feel free to check out my blog whenever

    1. Thank you so much! Those are fabulous questions. I will be using them definitely. I will be sure to check out your blog... Right now actually! Xoxo


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