Friday, 3 April 2015

Shopping for ages & an idea | A day blog

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I thought I'd would do another post about my day!

So we headed over to Sainsbury's and oh my gosh we spent SOOOOOOOOOO long there! We had vouchers for Sainsbury's for £150 so we decided to go and spend it. We bought LOADS! It was then about 2:15PM and we still hadn't has lunch so we decided to drive over to Morrison's to get some lunch. I had cheeseburger, chips and beans. Daddy had an English breakfast and Mummy and Older-than-me had Scampi (fish! I know right, I thought it was deer Lol!) And then after that we did even MORE shopping! We came home with about 72 bags!!!!

So, on the way there I thought of an idea. Yesterday, me, Neon Marshmallow and a boy in my class, er let's call him Bad Boy, were just having fun and thinking and then singing songs. He decided that at the end of Junior school, he wanted to do a music video with his cousin, me, Neon Marshmallow and his friend and put it on YouTube. This gave me an idea on the way to Morrison's. Maybe at the end of the year, the whole class could sing and make a music video for Mrs C and Mrs F. The song could be something the whole class knows. So possibly, and preferably, Uptown funk or Take me to church!

So yeah that's today's post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome day and an awesome idea too! The foodie pictures are making me feel hungry...

    Kate x

    1. Ha ha I'm hungry looking at them too. It was a great day and thank you so much! I love your blog xoxo

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