Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Another blog???

Hey guys it's Miss Internet!

So you all know by now that I LOVE THE SIMS 4! It the bomb.com! 

Anyways, a few of you have been requesting to see what I've been up to on the sims 4! So I decided to create a second blog all about it!

I'll post updates, screenshots etc!

I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

And if you can think of any names for my blog, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave your suggestions down below in the comments!

Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A blogging break???

Hey guys its Miss Internet!
So, I haven't been posting very frequently lately!
I've been really busy.
I've been busy playing the Sims 4.
I've been busy catching up on my reading, TV-ing (TV-ing is an official new word!!) and spending time with my best friend and family.
I thought I would take a little blogging break.

Tests at school are coming up soon so I probably won't be blogging then as I need to focus and try and get the best results I can.
I'm also just not finding the time to blog and when I do, I have no post idea.
So I'm taking a little break for about 5 and 1/2 weeks!
I know it sounds like a long, long time! BUT, I will do the occasional post during that period of time! Maybe 1 post a week?
Once the school summer holidays start, I can blog as much as I like!
Remember that I will do the occasional post during this time!!
I hope you guys aren't too angry with me!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Creative Blogger Award - YAY!

Hey guys its Miss Internet! So I was nominated by the extremely fabulous and sweet Kate from the one, and only, The Teen Aspect! Check out her blog now! Its amazing and I promise you, that you will not regret it! (And if you do, you're slightly crazy!!!!) And, so far everyone's answers have been way more interesting than mine so get your pillow ready and prepare to fall asleep! So, lets begin!
But first, let me quickly explain the all important rules -
- Firstly, nominate some of your favourite bloggers (and notify them that you have nominated them!)
- Share five facts about yourself

(1) Bear with me, this one's complicated. I get things stuck in my head for way too long.
So you know when you have a nightmare or a horrible thought that has popped into your head etc.? Well, people often say 'think of something good' or 'think of the opposite' etc. I CAN'T DO THAT! It's really annoying!!!
Don't worry if you didn't get that, it is quite hard to understand what I mean!
(2) Writing is my passion
So you probably know by now - oh my god! You know when you stare at something for a long time and you see things that are illusions? I just saw a tree spell the F*** word!!! Anyways, I'm sure that you know by now that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WRITING!
(3) I have a list inside of my head of some of my favourite words! They are very random and I will list some now! (This isn't all of them and its not necessarily in this order!)
- Soup
- Slush
- Egg
- Liquid
- Marshmallow
- Tub
- Container
- Flap
- Sandwich
- Fluff
- Poop (ha ha!)
So they are just a FEW!! LOL!
(4) Sims 4 is my current obsession!
This one doesn't even need explaining! (Don't forget to download some of the content that I've uploaded to the gallery at colbobt - #ihateselfpromotionbutijustdiditanyway!
(5) I've tried to compact loads of different facts into one because I've run out! Literacy and reading are my favourite subjects at school, I'm a bit of a geek   gook (I say gook because my friend accidently said gook instead of geek and now we're calling it gook all the time!), and there's even more that I can't remember - I'M SO BAD!
How do I explain this...?
So that's the end! I hope you enjoy - WAIT!!!! THE NOMINEES!
Hmm, do I nominate?
Ah, here we go! I nominate... *the really cool swirly transition effect that's in films when going back to the past if that even makes sense!*
PenGirl at (as you guessed it) PenGirl!
Zoe at Zoe Sherlock
I hope you all have as much fun as I did!
Thanks for reading!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Some things you need to check out!

Hey guys its Miss Internet!
So today I'm doing a bit of a different blog post.
I'll be recommending a few bits and bobs - blogs!
So on my survey I asked if you wanted a list of some of my favourite blogs. A few said yes!
So here are some blogs to check out (some you may have already seen!)
and also check out this!!!
I'm going to add a 'friends' tab to my blog and you'll all be going on there! If you would like to be on it and I haven't said your name, please, please, please, ask me!
So that's all for now!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My brand new design - MorningTime4 is flipping awesome at designs!!!

Hey guys its Miss Internet!
So, first of all, let's just establish the big elephant in the room...
Yes, my blog width is bigger...
I'm kidding!
My blog has been totally redesigned!
I am in love with it!

And, probably guessed by the title, MorningTime4 designed and coded it!
Its FAB to the U to the LOUS!
So I really hope you like it!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx
P.S. MorningTime4 is the best!