Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'M BAAAAAAAAACK & My Entry For OYEAS Writing Contest

Hey guys it's Miss Internet! Man, it feels good to say that again! Did you miss me? I REALLY missed you guys! I've tried really hard to still reply to comments and check out blogs and all that stuff - but I'm sorry if I haven't replied to ALL comments or checked EVERY post in my following list! After this post I'm going to go back and do all that!
So to celebrate my coming back, I am entering my entry (???) (Too much of the word enter - woo!) for the Writing Contest over on Open Your Eyes and See created by the FABULOUS Cindy! Seriously, check out her blog or you may just regret it! Anyways, here is my entry!
P.S. I'm entering the Writing section :-P
A wisp of smoke arose from the tatty logs. I took a deep breath, inhaling the roaring fire and feeling the gentle breeze blowing burning ash across my face. The sound of the laughing and cheering from my classmates whizzed in and out of my ears. The chill of the night was warmed by the fire and the happiness. I reached out my hands to warm them but something unexpected happened...
My hands were shaking - and so was the fire. My heart was beating faster than the speed of light. Very few people had noticed, and the ones that did forgot about it instantly. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead. I had to get away. I slowly slipped away from the group... bringing the fire with me.
It trailed behind me, as if it was apart of me. I turned around and spread out my hands. I held them still and the flames died immediately. I slowly lifted my hands up and, at the same speed as my hands, the flames were revived. Suddenly, the wind blew extremely fiercely, sending the flames and myself flying backwards. Everything was black now. 
I awoke in the soft, long grass. I sat up, throbbing head, numb body. The fire had formed a large oval, surrounding me. Once again, I stretched out my hands. By now, I'd fully realised that I had the ability to control and create fire. The fire leaned sideways and it made me giggle - it looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I heaved myself up and carefully made my way out of the circle. I found a small spot and lay my head down on a log, quietly chatting to the flames. I controlled the fire in many ways - spinning it, putting it out, creating it etc. This was happening - I actually had the power to control fire. And then - I woke up...
Ta dah! Now, I'm not just saying this - I truly mean it, I personally don't think that its very good. It's certainly not the best piece of writing I've ever done!
It feels good to be back!
Miss Internet going off the Internet xxx


  1. That was great! Seriously, well done. I am overwhelmed that you have decided to enter my competition, and make sure to check back for the results!

    1. Aww thank you! It was a GIVEN that I'd enter! I definitely will! xoxo

  2. That was AWESOME! Keep going!!! :D

  3. Really good work, Miss I!!

  4. Welcome back! Creating fire sounds very cool! Good luck in the contest!

    1. Thank you! It does sound awesome! Its good to be back! xoxo

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