"There are a lot of people who call you by your name. But there are very few people who can make it sound so damn special" --- Unknown 

So as you know, this blog is completely anonymous. So anonymous in fact that I come up with little names for people I'm talking about so that it remains anonymous and I don't have to say there names! Some of these names that are listed have been mentioned before and some haven't.
P.S. I have changed my best friend's name to Neon Marshmallow not Beanbag.

Neon Marshmallow - best friend
My mum - Mum (duh!)
My dad  Dad (double duh!)
My sister or Older-than-me - my sister
Always-singing girl - former friend
Blue-eyed girl - former best friend
Dancer girl - former best friend
Big-brother boy - sister's boyfriend
Mrs F - one of my teachers
Mrs C - my other teacher
Mrs D - class teacher assistant
So-fun dude - my favourite toy (also my other best friend!)
Bloggers - some bloggers that I enjoy reading their blogs

Hope this helped you know who I'm talking about. Remember, if you don't know/can't remember who I'm talking about - click this tab!


  1. Great!! Now I know who's-who!!

  2. This reminds me of Zoella's Girl Online :) You are so like her book! :)


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