One of my weird thoughts

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"How strange and lovely it is to be anything at all" --- John Green

So my mind is basically the deep end of a swimming pool. There are all these wacky and wild, weird and wonderful and fun and fantastic thoughts just swimming briskly or paddling madly through the water in my head. If I don't like them they fall to the bottom of pool and either don't come back or come back at the oddest times then go away again. The thoughts I like, swim back and forth for me to remember. A lot of the time, I like to think of things in a different way. For example, being a parent. In my head being a parent is like a battery. Most of the time it's charging away at it's positive side of the battery. Then sometimes, it dies and hits it's negative. (I'm not a parent it's just the way I think of it)!!

These weird thoughts pop into my head at really strange moments. So, today for example, I was just sat on my bed watching T.V as one does and, all of a sudden, a thought pinged in my head like a microwave when it's finished cooking that yucky jacket potato you cooked for the sake of it. So this thought went something like...

Life is like eating an apple. The world is your favourite apple, Granny Smith or Pink Lady, and life is like eating it. Each exciting moment is like taking a bite of it. And the bad times are like eating a dodgy bit. Soon, once you've lived through the good times and the bad, the apple's finished...  


  1. Ahhh such a lovely post I have weird and wacky thoughts aswell

  2. Ahhh such a lovely post I have weird and wacky thoughts aswell

    1. thank you so much! I'm being picky but, it's not a post xoxo

  3. Wow! I am a daydreamer as well that's why I started a blog!! To let everything rush out in a wave of words... ;)

    1. I know, blogging is an amazing way to do that!

      That's one reason why I LOVE blogging! xoxo

  4. Great Thought :)

    Happy to connect :)

    Anubhav Tyagi


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